Living Room Storage Ideas To Minimize Clutter

Choose Double-Duty Furniture

This living room to fit plenty of seats and storage into a tiny area while being visually appealing. The wall sconces, for example, free up floor space, and the built-in bench has storage beneath.

Create Your Own Wall Unit

What is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to add extra storage space? Baskets! They serve as blanket and toss catch-alls.

Make the Most of Your Furniture

The firewood storage notch, together with the organic wood coffee table's neutral tone, ensures that the living area matches the stunning vista ahead without taking center stage.

Bring in a Basket Arrangement Firewood

The black painted shelving and mirrored accent wall above the fireplace in this designed living room make it seem both vast and cozy.

Consider installing built-ins or floating shelves

Floating shelves are simple to install and can make a whole room seem more polished and elegant.

Make use of a Dresser

Simply place a sleek media cabinet or low-profile dresser in a corner to keep your belongings hidden. Then, add tabletop décor and a large-scale artwork.

Selecting a Strategic Coffee Table

From the built-in book shelves to the double-decker burled wood coffee table, family-friendly living room pulls out all the smart storage stops.

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