How to Make the Chain's Hot Mustard Sauce at Home

Although you could use this on your nuggets or fries as is, you'll need to do one more thing to turn it into "a very close McDonald's hot mustard dupe." You'll need to add a couple of shots of Tabasco sauce.

And voila, that's all there really is to it! Haracz's followers took to the comments to share their results, with one person saying, "I just made the mayomust and Tabasco and confirmed it's identical."

McDonald's is known for its burgers and fries, but their dipping sauces are widely celebrated. This is why many were excited when a former McDonald's cook showed how to produce one of its most famous sauces at home.

You'll need two grocery store sauces that, when mixed, resemble the chain's signature dish. He emphasizes that McDonald's sauce is mayo-based, therefore you'll need Heinz's Mayomust as the creamy basis for this "recipe". 

This new grocery store product mixes mayo's richness with mustard's sharpness.

You can put this on nuggets or fries, but you need to add something to make it "a very close McDonald's hot mustard dupe." Add two shots of Tabasco. That's it!

Others weren't as impressed. One said, "It's not working for me, I mean this's an excellent combo, I like it, I'm just not receiving McDonald's hot mustard."

If you don't want to make spicy mustard sauce, there are alternative options. A TikTok user suggested collecting extra hot mustard packets at restaurants and saving them for later use. but I wouldn't know. Hmmmm."

Copy Kat Recipes recommends store-bought mustard, glucose syrup, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, sugar, white distillation vinegar, mustard powder, and spicy brown mustard. Add some turmeric for color.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk. Let your mixture rest overnight and voilà! Your spicy mustard dipping sauce is homemade.