Costco Brought Back Its Beloved Chili With Controversy

Food unites people. Food is a way to connect with people and share love, whether you're having a meal with family, preparing a huge pot of soup and giving it to a neighbor, or providing meals for new parents.

Social media makes such division more visible than ever. Chili, for example. We have dozens or hundreds of chili recipes, many of which are popular and highly-rated. 

Chili recipes vary like snowflakes. Chili recipes differ by location, state, and family.

However, some chili connoisseurs insist on what may and cannot be added. Some individuals claimed on social media that Costco's "chili" is not real when it returned this autumn. 

Many Costco fans were pleased when the fan account tweeted on Instagram last week that Costco's seasonal chili had returned in the prepared food area. 

“Been waiting for its return!,” one fan said. We adore their chili! Another added, "Our 5-person family eats it twice over rice." 

Heat-and-eat chili costs $3.50/pound and contains ground beef, beans, tomato sauce, spices, and shredded cheese. Some find it contentious since it contains beans. 

While Texas Chili doesn't usually contain beans, it's absurd to believe no one in Texas adds beans to their homemade chili.

It is silly to imagine that Costco, a national corporation, wouldn't provide a chili with a touch of all chili traditions.

We believe that one person had a valid complaint—the chili had not arrived at their Costco, despite having cornbread.

Chili and cornbread are a great combo that may unite all sides of the chili debate. Getting them both on your next Costco excursion will solve your supper dilemma. 

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