10 Beautiful Looking Small Bathroom Designs For Every Taste

1. Simple Dark Gray and White Color Scheme

A glass shower door and elegant details make this contemporary design attractive. The dark grey tone and clean lines are simplistic, yet the marble counters provide appeal. 

2. European Minimalism Meet Luxury Hotel Style

Marble tub tiling adds culture to the modest room. The marble floor tiles match the tub pattern, giving the area a stunning uniformity.

3. Retro Sink and Clawfoot Tub 

Retro-charm lovers will adore this solution. Old-fashioned clawfoot tubs are ideal for reading or soaking. Exposed pedestal sink pipes enhance the old-fashioned bathroom design.

4. Beautiful Eclectic Linens Give Small Bathrooms Texture

This trendy bathroom suits a metropolitan loft or modern house. This simple bathroom has great textures from the concrete floors and exposed oak ceiling. 

5. Buttercup and Gold Glamour of the Past

Elegant brass light fixtures contrast a clawfoot tub and pedestal undermount sink. Room fixtures and linens match the cheery yellow and white color palette.

6. Scandinavian Details Improve Small Bathroom Function

This trendy tiny bathroom has wood textures. A ladder against the wall above the toilet provides storage and rustic, farmhouse style.

7. Copper-Accented Beachy Blue Wainscoting

The seaside is brought inside in this ocean-inspired design. Ocean-themed blue and white wainscoting covers the ceiling and walls. White tile with gritty accents resembles sand.

8. Ceiling skimming highlights ceiling

This little bathroom concept is stylish and compact. White makes a space seem brighter and larger. Crown molding below the ceiling line provides height and pulls attention upward.

9. Mirror Optically Expands Space

This little bathroom is dominated by the large mirror. Its large size lets the room's vibrant colors shine and offers a feeling of space. Simple lines make the area seem uncluttered.

10. Weathered Wood Drama All Over

The walls and flooring of this little bathroom have weathered-wood paneling, providing character. The dark walls make this little bathroom's white elements stand out.

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