9 Ways To preventing Premature Skin Aging

Wear sunscreen

All dermatologists believe this is the best anti-aging secret. Apply SPF after moisturizer to prevent age spots and wrinkles.

Be consistent with your skincare regimen

Like losing weight or running a 5K, skincare requires persistence to see benefits. Apply products consistently and often; experts say it might take a month to observe skin effects.

Avoid scrubbing your skin

Towel-drying your skin is similar. Dermatologists recommend patting rather than scrubbing your face dry to avoid injury.

Massage your face

Proper facial massages can boost blood flow to tired facial tissues. Blood circulation supplies oxygen, which revitalizes skin cells. Experts recommend daily massages for best effects.

Sleep on your back

Think about how much pressure sleeping on your face puts on your cheeks. Pressure damages skin cells, and bunched pillowcases generate wrinkles.

Use different products for each season

Change your skincare routine like you would your outfit at the start of the season. In hot months, apply lighter, non-pore-clogging products; in cooler months, moisturise and brighten.

Stick to silk pillowcases

Did you know silk pillowcases are excellent for the skin since they wrinkle less and produce less friction? The truth!

Get a skin analysis

Consult a professional to prevent skin aging. He or she can analyze your skin to identify trouble areas and restore damage.

Skip too many fillers

Use Botox sparingly to reduce lines and wrinkles. When done excessively, they might age and plasticize the skin.

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