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9 Most Popular VWs of all Time

Volkswagen Beetle: The iconic "Bug" is one of the most recognizable cars in automotive history, known for its distinctive design and long production run.

Volkswagen Golf: This compact hatchback has been a best-seller for VW, known for its versatility and performance.

 Volkswagen Bus (Type 2): Also known as the Microbus or Kombi, this classic van is beloved for its role in the hippie era and as a symbol of freedom and adventure.

Volkswagen Jetta: The Jetta is a popular compact sedan with a strong following for its practicality and style.

Volkswagen Passat: The Passat is known for its spacious interior and comfortable ride, making it a popular family sedan.

Volkswagen Polo: The Polo is a small and agile hatchback that has gained a wide fan base globally.

Volkswagen Tiguan: VW's compact SUV, the Tiguan, has become a hit in the crossover market for its balance of size and features. 

Volkswagen Touareg: The Touareg is a mid-size SUV known for its upscale features and performance.