9 Eye Makeup Trends You Definitely Never Try

1. Lash serum

They employ very hazardous chemicals, such as ammonium, which is poisonous to the tissues of the eye and may lead to a series of diseases if it gets into the eye.

2. Waterline

Waterproof mascara contains chemicals that do not dissolve in our tears and may cause irritation and dryness of the eyes.

3. Lash extensions

Glitter may irritate the eye's surface, causing discomfort and infection. Instead, choose for more iridescent eyeshadows, which are less prone to flake off and get in your eye.

4. Visine

This eyeliner has the potential to harm the meibomian glands that run along our upper eyelids and help create oil for our tears.

5. Heated eyelash curler

Never apply heat on her lashes. This might not only cause your eyelashes to weaken and fall out, but it can also create burns on the front surface of your eye.

6. Tattoo eye liner

It has the potential to permanently expand blood vessels, causing your eyes to seem much redder than before. Getting enough sleep is the preferable choice if you want to seem refreshed all the time.

7. Glittery eye makeup

Even if you clean them every day, you're still at danger of getting germs on your eyelashes.

8. Waterproof mascara

Waterlining your eyes may make your lashes seem thicker, and it's a frequent technique for generating a variety of trendy eye styles.

9. Lash lift

Never use prostaglandin-containing lash serums. Prostaglandins are a kind of lipid that has hormone-like properties and is produced by the body largely at locations of tissue injury or infection.

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