10 Dog Breeds You Don’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley

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Rottweiler: Known for their protective instincts, Rottweilers can be intimidating in the wrong circumstances.

Pit Bull: Although many Pit Bulls are friendly, they have a reputation for aggressiveness in certain situations.

German Shepherd: Often used as working dogs, they can be protective and assertive.

Bullmastiff: These large dogs are known for their protective nature.

 Doberman Pinscher: Highly trainable and protective, Dobermans can be formidable.

 Akita Inu: A loyal and powerful breed, Akitas can be protective and dominant.

Alaskan Malamute: Large and strong, these dogs have a strong will.

Chow Chow: Known for their aloofness, they can be unpredictable.