10 Best Don Henley Songs Of All Time

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Hotel California (Eagles, 1976):

Henley co-wrote and sang lead vocals on this iconic Eagles track, which remains one of their most celebrated songs.

Desperado (Eagles, 1973):

Another Eagles classic featuring Henley's distinctive vocals, "Desperado" is a poignant and enduring ballad.

The Boys of Summer (1984):

Henley's solo career took off with this Grammy-winning hit, known for its catchy melody and reflective lyrics.

Dirty Laundry (1982):

A solo hit for Henley, "Dirty Laundry" is a critique of sensationalized media and remains a staple of his solo catalog.

Take It Easy (Eagles, 1972):

Co-written by Henley and Glenn Frey, this Eagles hit is one of their early classics and features Henley on vocals.

Witchy Woman (Eagles, 1972):

Henley co-wrote and sang lead vocals on this mysterious and atmospheric Eagles track.

The Heart of the Matter (1989):

A soulful and introspective song from Henley's solo album "The End of the Innocence.

One of These Nights (Eagles, 1975):

Henley's vocals contribute to the smooth and memorable sound of this Eagles hit.

I Can't Stand Still (1982):

The title track from Henley's debut solo album, this song showcases his transition to a successful solo career.

New York Minute (1989):

A poignant ballad from Henley's solo career, "New York Minute" showcases his songwriting and vocal abilities.


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