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These Terms and Conditions detail the guidelines for using the www.wordletoday225.com website. By using this site, you agree to these terms. This document covers ownership, license, return policies, suggestions, third-party services, disclaimers, intellectual property, permission, cookies, terms and conditions, website updates, termination, copyright violation notification, and indemnification.


Hicks Crawford owns www.wordletoday225.com. All site content is copyrighted. So, you can't copy, change, or share any of the website's content without first getting written permission from wordletoday225.


Our website grants you a limited, nonexclusive license to access, install, and use the software and services available on the website solely in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Our website may not be licensed, sold, rented, leased, assigned, distributed, transmitted, hosted, disclosed, or commercially exploited. Our website cannot be modified, decrypted, reverse-compiled, or reverse-engineered.

Refund Policy:

The website values your confidence in us and our services. If you have any issues with our services, please let us know.


Any feedback or ideas you give to www.wordletoday225.com will stay their property. We can use it without giving you credit or giving you money.

Third-Party Services:

The website might contain links to third-party websites or services. You can use these links. Wordletoday225 does not run or support the third-party sites or services. So, these third-party websites and services are not our responsibility.

Intellectual Property:

All of the content on the website belongs to www.wordletoday225.com and is protected by copyright law. So, you can't copy, change, or share any of the website's content without first getting written permission from www.wordletoday225.com.


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You agree to our Terms and Conditions by using our website.


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Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

The website can change these Terms and Conditions whenever it wants. Changes will be posted here if we make any.

Updates on our website:

We may make patches, bug fixes, notifications, upgrades, and other changes ("Updates") to the features and functions of our website from time to time. As a website gets updated, some of its features and/or functions may change or be taken away. You agree that wordletoday225 is not required to provide updates or maintain any website features or capabilities.

Term and Termination:

This Agreement is in effect until terminated by you or wordletoday225. This Agreement will be over if you break any of its rules.


You agree to protect www.wordletoday225.com and its affiliates, employees, agents, and licensors from any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenditure (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that come from or are related to your use of the website or any violation of these Terms & Conditions.


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