How to Get More Likes on Instagram by Influencers

Get More Likes on Instagram

Instagram recently updated their algorithm to focus more heavily on user engagement. In other words, the posts with the most amount of likes and comments will get more impressions, which means more brand exposure.

More emphasis means that more Instagram users want to venture into the area of getting more likes on Instagram and followers. In fact, purchasing followers or likes is cheaper and easier than ever. However, it is a bad idea and does not work in the long-term.

This article will cover why likes are so important, the different ways to purchase them, and why purchasing them is a bad idea.

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Why Instagram Likes are Important

As mentioned earlier, Instagram recently updated their algorithm to put even more focus on the importance of likes and comments. Now, this will not make it appear at the top of the feed since Instagram has a mostly chronological feed.

However, posts with a large number of likes and comments will appear at the top of the hashtag search and could even appear on the Explore. Basically, Instagram wants to show content that they know their users will find interesting. The best way for Instagram to find that content is to look at likes, comments, and other engagement metrics.

Now, likes are more important than just from an Instagram algorithm perspective. If a user goes to your post and sees lots of likes and comments, then they will be more likely to like and comment themselves. This results in very fast growth once a threshold of likes and comments is reached.

Overall, likes and comments can cause fast growth by exposing your post to other sources of traffic. It also gives your Instagram page much needed social proof, which will greatly help your brand.

Why Get More Likes on Instagram so Worthy?

There are two primary ways to purchase likes on Instagram. One way involves get more likes on Instagram from a company that controls a large number of fake accounts. Another option is to purchase a follow and comment bot, which will follow and comment on posts with the intention of gaining more followers. 

Disadvantage to Get More Likes on Instagram from Fake Accounts

The most common method involves paying for a service that will use fake accounts to like, or follow, your posts. This probably sounds good in theory, but it is not good in practice.

First, fake accounts will almost always only like and follow your Instagram content. This means that you will have posts that receive thousands of likes but have no comments.

Instagram users will quickly notice that your brand are getting more likes on Instagram, which is a major faux pas in the social media world. Potential customers will see fake likes and followers and naturally assume that your brand is low quality.

The other problem with fake likes is that the Instagram algorithm will notice the fake likes and comments.

That’s right, Instagram’s algorithm can detect fake likes, followers, and even comments. This means that the post you purchased likes for probably will not even show up in the Instagram hashtag search.This is the type of irreparable harm that getting more likes on Instagram from influencers accounts can do to your account. It might sound good in the short term, but it is not a sustainable long-term strategy.

Use Instagram Bots to Follow Other Accounts

Many people recognize the problems with using fake accounts to like posts, which has resulted in another popular option.

The hope is that if you follow accounts, then those accounts will follow you. This is not exactly purchasing likes. Instead, this is using artificial means to increase account exposure. Following for followers is a well-known strategy on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s not effective though.

The first problem with using a bot is that you cannot control the content that the bot engages with. This means your account could inadvertently like or comment on offensive content, which would have disastrous results for your brand message.

The other problem with using a bot is that it violates the Instagram Terms of Service.

Using a bot on Instagram could result in the banning of your account.

Your company account receiving a ban is bad for your brand’s message and not something that anyone wants. 

Three Reasons not to Get more likes on Instagram

The issues mentioned above are all some specific reasons not to purchase likes. However, there are more strategic reasons not to purchase likes.

First, Instagram can delete your account if they suspect you of purchasing fake likes or comments. While it is rare for the account that receives the likes to get banned, it does still happen.

The more common scenario is that the accounts that liked your content will get banned and their likes removed from your total. This will result in “like decay” and the likes you paid money for with going to zero over time.

Next, this is not a sustainable strategy. A proper marketing strategy involves creating actual content that people find engaging with the hope that Instagram likes result in paying customers.

Accounts that rely on buying likes will often create thin posts and then use artificial means to increase engagement. However, if the content is just bad, then no Instagram users will turn into paying customers. In other words, paying for engagement is usually just a way to please management, but is not effective for growing the brand.

Finally, Instagram does not only look at likes. Instagram compares the number of likes to the amount of followers. Accounts that receive more likes than followers will be negatively impacted by the Instagram algorithm.

Final Thoughts

Overall, buying likes on Instagram is a bad long-term strategy. It can result in lower discovery rates, brand distrust, and even a banned account.

Oftentimes it has the exact opposite intended effect. It just is not a good strategy for an account on Instagram.

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